Incorporation Certificate

The Summit Neighbors incorporation certificate can be viewed here:

Summit Neighbors Inc. Bylaws  Effective 9/19/2019


The name of the organization is Summit Neighbors Inc.


Section 1. Nonprofit Purpose

Summit Neighbors Inc. is organized exclusively for charitable purposes, including the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code.

Section 2. Mission

Summit Neighbors Inc. is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, community service organization committed to making our home place, the Town of Summit, Schoharie County, NY, a beautiful place to live and a community of which to be proud. We are committed to improving the appearance and vitality of our community as it presents to residents and visitors. 

The full document can be accessed Here

The Summit Neighbors Conflict of Interest Policy is here


For release 3/27/2019

Contact: Harold L. Vroman,
Supervisor, Town of Summit

Summit Town Engages Land Bank Program

At their regular March meeting the Summit Town Board hosted a presentation on the Greater Mohawk Valley Land Bank (GMVLB) Program by Shane Nickle of Schoharie County Office of Community Development Services. “...our office is here to encourage and support the town’s efforts at remediation of blighted properties.” Mr. Nickle said.

Following Mr. Nickle’s presentation the Board welcomed representatives of the newly formed Summit Neighbors community organization and received documentation of several properties the group has identified as blighted and possibly eligible for Land Bank acquisition. “The involvement of a community group such as Summit Neighbors is critical to the success of the Land Bank Program.” Mr. Nickle said. “...such groups are considered Worthy Partners in the effort.”

After a lively discussion the Town Board adopted a resolution recognizing Summit Neighbors as a town-wide community organization and encouraged the group to expand their membership to the entire town including the hamlet of Charlotteville. “We thank these folks for stepping forward to serve their town.” said Supervisor Harold Vroman.

A special community meeting to discuss the Land Bank program is planned for 6:30 PM April 16th at the Summit Town Hall. Community Outreach Coordinator for GMVLB, Bob Albrecht, will be there to further explain the Land Bank program and answer any questions residents might have. All are welcome. Citizens can learn more about the Land Bank Program by visiting .

Summit Neighbors will next meet 6:30PM 10 April at 108 Southmeadow Dr. Summit. Anyone wishing to be included in the Summit Neighbors messaging list should send an email to or or call 518-287-1463.


1/31/2019 mailing to Summit Hamlet residents

Summit Neighbors,
We write today to ask for your help to improve
the cohesiveness and economic vitality of our community. There are several serious issues which we must address as a community.

Recently we spoke with the Summit Town Council asking them to consider how important the Summit Country Store is for the identity and vitality of our community, and to suggest the town take some action to support this sole remaining hospitality enterprise in the hamlet. We asked the town to include a community survey in the newsletter to assess the community’s interest in preserving this important community asset. Disappointingly, The Town Council did not adopt the survey suggestion. Store Survey

Enterprises such as the Summit Country Store serve an important role in community cohesion. Economic vitality experts consider such facilities essential for a satisfying quality of life. The existence of such businesses, and the services they provide, improve population retention, attract new residents, and help preserve community property values.

Concerning property values, there are some actions we can take to improve conditions. NY State economic development funding is available for blighted property remediation. Schoharie County has signed on to participate in the Mohawk Valley Region Economic Development Council Land Bank program. Community groups are encouraged to assist their town to identify such properties. We might also undertake community beautification projects. Just a couple of ideas we could consider, and perhaps undertake, to make our community better. We will discuss these possibilities.

If you share our concerns please discuss it with your family, neighbors and friends. Please pass this appeal on to anyone who might not have received this mailing. Most importantly, send an email to the address below to join the Summit Neighbors contact list so you may be notified of the upcoming organizational meeting and to be advised of any future developments.

Thanks for reading. Hoping to hear from you soon, Summit Neighbors

Considering the Summit Country Store:
Recently I addressed the Summit Town Council (Dec. 20 2018) asking them to consider how important the Summit Country Store is for the identity and vitality of our community, and to suggest the town take some action to ensure the continued existence of this sole remaining hospitality enterprise in the hamlet.

We have witnessed the repeated ownership turnover or failure of the Country Store. There have been extended periods of closure as such as that we have recently experienced. Each closure usually preceded by reduced services or hours of operation resulting in failure. We can assume a new proprietor risks similar misfortune unless the community acts to protect this important community asset.

Establishments such as the country store serve an important role in community cohesion. This is especially important in rural areas where neighbors might not encounter each other in their daily activities. Economic vitality experts consider such facilities essential for community quality of life. The existence of such facilities and services helps to retain population, attract new residents and enhance community property values.

If you share my concerns please contact me. Discuss this with your family and neighbors and contact the Town Council members to let them know your thoughts. 

My letter to the Town Council can be accessed here.

Wayne Stinson  518-287-1463 or

Update:  On 12/20/2018 

I attended the Summit Town Council meeting and attempted to engage the Council in a discussion of the points made in my previous letter and my proposal to survey the community concerning their wishes for the now closed Summit Country Store. I had hoped the survey could be included in the planned Town Newsletter mailing. That possibility was foreclosed by the newsletter having been mailed prior to the meeting.

Additionally, the Council, including Supervisor Vroman, made it clear that the Council would not be part of any such effort, demanding that the survey, if I proceeded to circulate it, could not be returnable to the Town Council, can not reference the Town Council in any way, and that the store can not be identified as the "Summit' Country Store. The rejected Survey.

I will not attempt to characterize the Council's response or reasoning. You can consider that for yourselves. I have not decided whether to proceed with the survey as originally conceived. Instead some other community organizing effort might be undertaken, probably attending to local economic vitality, main street renewal and property values.

I invite all Summit neighbors to comment here or at


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